Burn the Fat Review

Burn the Fat Diet Plan Review

Top Fat Burning & Weight Loss Tips


Tip 1 – Clean the junk food out of your kitchen.

If the junk food isn’t there, you can’t eat it.

TIP 2 – Mix Up Your Cardio Sessions

Mix in interval training with longer cardio sessions for more energy, strength and increased fat burn.


TIP 3 Lift Weights

One or two weight lifting sessions a week will tell your body you need muscle, not fat.


TIP 4 Try Green Tea

Long recommended for its health properties, green tea is excellent for cutting fat.


TIP 5 Mix Carbs & Proteins

When you’re working out regularly, you need both carbs and proteins, so make sure you’re getting enough.



TIP 6 Get Your Sleep

Don’t take shortcuts with your sleep. A well-rested body just works better.


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