LLS Primal Energy MCT Oil | 1000ml Bottle | 100% Coconut Medium Chain Tryglycerides | Fast Efficient Energy Found Naturally in Coconut Oil | Increases Muscle Strength and Stamina During Exercise | Spares Lean Muscle Mass | Flavourless and Easy to Mix | Produced in the UK Under GMP Licence | Love Life Supplements – “live healthy. love life.”

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  • LLS PRIMAL ENERGY MCT OIL - Derived 100% From Coconut Oil with NO Palm Oil. Easily Absorbed and Digested.
  • HEALTHY FATS FOR BODY AND MIND - Medium Chain Tryglycerides, Fats Found Naturally in Coconut Oil - Quickly and Easily Absorbed into the Body. Primal Energy contains >53% Caprylic Acid C8 and 36 - 47% Capric Acid C10.
  • FAST AND EFFICIENT ENERGY - 6 X Stronger than Coconut Oil alone. Metabolized in the Liver to Produce Ketones, Helping Your Body Achieve Ketosis - The Process Which Your Body Burns Fat for Energy.
  • INCREASED MUSCLE STREGTH AND STAMINA - Especially During Exercise and Promotes Growth of Lean Muscle Mass. Popular with Athletes to Promote Healthy Body Composition
  • FLAVOURLESS AND EASY TO MIX with Any Diet - Can be Used to Blend with Coffee, Salads or Even Gummy Sweets (Primal ones of course!) - Produced in the UK under Licence. Love Life Supplements "Live Healthy, Love Life".
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100% MCT OIL

What is Primal Energy?

Primal Energy comprises the purest 100% Medium Chain Tryglycerides. This type of fat is found naturally in coconut oil and is readily absorbed by the body. Medium chain triglycerides are not processed via the lymphatic system, and are instead transported directly to the liver to be broken down. Our MCT Oil is metabolized in the liver to produce ketones for instant and stable energy, which is then available for muscle and brain function, ATP energy synthesis in the cells, and for thermogenesis.

Why should I choose Primal Energy?

We guarantee the highest quality MCT Oil which is produced in the UK. MCT Oil is becoming ever more popular with athletes for a fast efficient energy source that encourages healthy body composition. Our flavourless supplement is liquid at room temperature so can make the perfect accompaniment to any food or drink. Primal Energy can be blended to make dressings or sauces or can be added to smoothies.

Try a Primal Energy MCT Oil in your morning coffee for the perfect pick me up!

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